Your sorority sisters can be a family away from home, acting as a personal support system. But with everyone going their separate ways over the summer, it can be easy for the daily contact you’ve had over the school year to dwindle. Here are some ways to get back in touch before the new year starts.

Send a quick text to each sister letting them know how excited you are to see all of them again. This will show sisters that you’re still thinking of them and get them pumped for the new year ahead. Make sure to send some to those sisters that you haven’t already been chatting with all summer.

Post a sorority themed throwback Thursday pic from initiation or the previous rush week to remind everyone of the good times you’ve had over the past year. Make your caption a toast to creating more memories over the coming year.

Schedule a group hang out before you leave so that everyone can catch up on each other’s summer adventures. A clothing swap or beach day will give you something fun to do while still providing an opportunity to chat. A bike ride is ideal for smaller groups. Another option is a back to school sleepover, complete with Greek themed movies or shows to watch and candy to snack on while gossiping about your summers.

Plan a shopping date with a group of sisters to choose some new school clothes. You could also pick up some things for the sorority house or rush week, such as some ribbon for hair bows or gifts for your littles. Not only will you have a chance to catch up on all their news, you’ll get a second opinion on whether or not something really qualifies as badge wear or if you’ll actually wear that top to class.

Skype is a good way to contact sisters no matter where they are spending their vacation time. It’s also a good way to speak to sisters one on one and really get a chance to listen to and focus on each sister’s stories individually.

Get every sister to send you some photos of cool things that she did over the summer and then compile them into a sweet slide show. This can serve as a quick recap of what everyone has been up to over the past few months. You can share it on Facebook or play it at your first business meeting.

Make plans for after you get back to school, like a brunch date or a housewarming party at the sorority house. Reuniting with everyone will get you all back into the groove of Greek life just in time for recruitment to start. Then you can focus on finding even more sisters.

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