All have us have once been the new kid in school one way or another and wanted to fit in with the latest trends; here is my new favorite!

Recently I was surfing the internet and came across this amazing and trendy article about backpacks! I was a little caught off guard because at CU boulder, backpacks are not the cool bag to tote your text books, MacBook pros and other amazing gadgets around in; purses are. But these backpacks are cool!

First, be warned, the list in Harper’s Bazaar’s fashion section is ultra-pricy; but it’s a great investment that will last you years as well as, maybe, a much needed incentive to work hard this summer? Totally. Check out these great leather backpacks that can pass as purses; they’re so chic yet so practical and can hold all your academic necessities. My favorite is the black and white Stella McCartney backpack. Find the Harper’s Bazaar’s “Back To School Cool: 10 Backpacks You Need For Spring” article here. Want some more price-conscious options? Check out ‘Call It Springs’ awesome array of budget-friendly backpacks.

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By Annique Jones, Colorado University at Boulder 

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