Recently Graduated? What’s Next?

Congratulations to all of the fall 2012 grads! You have now successfully beat all those pesky May graduates who will soon swarm the job market like a bunch of overconfident bees.

If you are anything like me, you are exhausted from senior capstone classes, graduation, Christmas with the fam, New Year's with friends and now that everyone is beginning to pack back up for spring semester and others are headed back to work, where does that leave you?

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Cleaning Up Your Social Media Image

By Marissa Kameno, graduate student at Quinnipiac University These days, your Google search results page could mean as much (if not more) than your resume. Employers have access to a plethora of social media accounts and online profiles — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the list goes on. And the sad truth is that at each

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5 Basic Necessities for Your Resume

By Ashley Tripp, Student at the University of Alabama You walk through the front doors of the building to let the receptionist know you are there. The receptionist then asks for you to wait outside in the lobby until you are called upon. Moments later you hear your name and begin walking through the doors.

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Preparing Yourself for Graduation

The past three years of college have flown by so fast for me and my head is filled with just about every emotion available.

I’m excited to start a new chapter of my life, I’m anxious to find a job in this disastrous market, I’m sad to leave my friends and – last but not least – I'm stressed about graduation!

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Guest Blog: 5 Awesome Ways to Work Abroad

Want to go abroad but aren't sure where to start looking? Guest blogger Andrea Moran from has some advice on where you can start your search. Happy travels!

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