Become a UChic Ambassador TODAY!

If you dream big and are looking for real world experience along with awesome personal connections then *this* is the program for you. Have you been searching for a way cool community that helps you give back? We’re currently accepting applications for our Fall/Winter 2015 Campus Ambassadors! You can connect with young women across the

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How To Recover From A Breakup In Style

“Can you stay friends with an ex?” is a question that almost every girl has asked herself with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in hand. Whether you did the breaking up you were the break up-ee, it can be difficult to recover from the end of a relationship. While situations may vary, if you

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How Michelle Obama Inspires Girls Everywhere To Live Their Dreams

michelle obama

When you think about the 4th of July, bonfires, patriotic outfits, and beachside fireworks probably come to mind. Maybe you’re preparing the perfect ensemble for Instagram purposes and attempting to rally your friends for a weekend that involves a body of water that’s not a bath tub. Perhaps you’re looking forward to enjoying the fireworks from the

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How to Protect Your Online Reputation For Your Job Hunt

girl on laptop

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have taken over our lives – and not in the best way. Yes, thanks to social media we can now show off how great our lives are – Instagram-worthy pictures of our tasty meals, and “aren’t you jealous of me?” vacation photos fill our screens. But sometimes we reveal a bit too much.

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The Best Advice My Dad Gave Me

father's day

Now that Father’s Day is upon us, it’s time to start reflecting on everything dads do. Even though you can’t tell them absolutely everything because you’re pretty sure they’d put you in a convent, they’re still always there for you. Sometimes, they even give better advice than moms do (shocking, I know). While I text

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How Young Women Can Use Technology to Make the World a Better Place

This interview is a part of our Live Your Dreams Stars series where we feature awesome young women who are changing the world one amazing dream at a time. LYD! This week we are featuring Rose Broome Co-founder & CEO HandUp. 1) You’ve mentioned that you started HandUp when you passed by a homeless woman on the

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Make your Summer Break a Must, Not a Bust

So maybe you didn’t land that dream internship you’ve been wanting all year. You may be discouraged that you’re not working your ideal summer job. Sure, it might not involve sun and sand, but there are ways to not totally waste your summer break. Instead of feeling hopeless, make sure you’re proactive about your career

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The Wait is Finally Over… Get Gracie Tech Case Today!

Hello Chicsters! Today, the team behind UChic is THRILLED to announce that the UChic Tech Case is NOW available for purchase on! UChic’s super chic tech case, featuring the “Gracie” pattern named in honor of our 17 year-old rockstar brand ambassador singer/songwriter Gracie Schram, is available in laptop and tablet sizes.   Where can

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5 Amazing Summer Reads

For me, trying to find leisure time to sit and enjoy a good book is nearly impossible during the school year. So, every summer, I make a personal goal to read more. I have so much more leisure time during the summer and there is nothing better than sitting by the pool or at the

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