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UChic Campus Ambassadors

Are you looking to take your brand to the next level? Do you need help spreading your brand message? Our UChic Campus Ambassadors can help.
UChic Campus Ambassadors are a network of amazing young women who are hand-selected through an application process. These exceptional women hail from college campuses across the US. At UChic, they are responsible for spreading our message on social media, organizing events to facilitate brand awareness, creating content for our blog, and writing essays for our best-selling college girls’ guidebook. Our mission at UChic is to help young women get real world experience so when they graduate they are one step closer to reaching their professional goals and dreams.

Maria Azua

Montclair State University

Ana Berkovich

Missouri State University

Grace Brentano

Westminster School

Madison Carter

North Carolina State University

Lauren Dargay

Kent State University

Sarah DeGeorge

Centenary College

Sarah Dougherty

The University of Alabama

Ivie Enoma

Temple University

Kristine Fenstermacher

Temple University

Clarissa Ford

Temple University

Chelsea Glosser

Baldwin Wallace University

Alexis Grippi

Immaculata University

Lauren Hill

University of Michigan

Hilari Holt

Penn Vally College Graduate

Sophia Hu

East Brunswick High School

Rebecca Klar

Binghamton University

Michelle Kleineweber

University of Cincinatti

Cheyenne Krieger

Park University

Hayley Lollar

Kansas State University

Catherine Lu

Ohio University

Victoria Mazzella

Rutgers University

Christine Pearson

College of Charleston

Emily Polner

University of Chicago

Iris Rios

Stephen F. Austin University

Beatrice Rivera

Rutgers University

Emily Roseman


Brooke Stafford

Penn State University

Alisa Sutton

Temple University

Alisha Thompson

Pace University, NYC

Rachel Weinstock

H. B. Plant High School

Brianna Woods

University of Missouri

Zihan Xiong

New Trier High School

Ashley Yenick

Merrimack College