The first signs of spring is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a second chance to start fresh and get ready for summer. The best part about transitioning into spring is the time I spend cleaning out my closet to make room for new bright colored clothes. I’ve always had a knack for organizing and recently became a Certified Professional Organizer. I wanted to share some of my favorite tips with you so you can have a fresh start to welcome in spring! These are my three favorite tips that get me started with spring cleaning:

First, I go through every item in my closet and put it in one of three piles :Keep, Donate, Throw Out. When I take the time to really go through all my clothes, I get a better sense of what I actually have in my closet. My rule of thumb, is that any item I haven’t worn in the past three months goes immediately into the donate pile.

Second, if I am debating to keep a clothing item just because I think it will fit better next season, I always put it in the donate pile. As much as knowing I could reach the goal of fitting into my old favorite pair of jeans will motivate me to keep up my workouts, I know I would just be upset when I go through this process again if the clothes do not fit when they may be perfect for someone else.

Finally, after I figure out the clothing I am keeping, I put them back in my closet – organized by work , casual, going out, and work out clothes. I am always amazed at how much space I have after going through this process! Immediately after going through my closet, I write down what clothes I need to go shopping for and make sure I keep to a budget. This way, I will keep impulse buys to a minimum.

If you are looking for help on organizing your closet for spring, tweet me @_susanmegan and tag #UChic  I will give a free thirty minute organizing consultation to the first five people who tweet and share this article!

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